Lightweight Blazer (Black)
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Brand New from Luchiano Visconti

These fantastic Blazers are lightweight, made of 100% Micro-Suede and perfect year-round. They are 2-button Blazer sport coat in Black and with a small texture to the fabric. They have a funky patterned contrast satin lining with 3 inner pockets.

Perfect to wear casually with Jeans for everyday wear or also with khakis or slacks and nice dress shoes.

Sizes: M-XXL
Color: Khaki
Fabric: 100% Micro-Suede (small textured fabric)

Retail Price: $225-250
Waxman Price: $149

Get them while they last! We ordered a limited supply!

  • Item #: LV-ABE107-KHAKI
  • Manufacturer: Luchiano Visconti

LV - Lightweight Velour Blazer (Khaki)

Price: $225.00
Sale Price: $100.00
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